Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.



The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers In-Company Trainers Training to industries as a means of ensuring that employees acquire skills and enhance performance by focusing on practical aspects of work. It is the training of employees of a company or students of an institution conducted by employees in the company or workplace institution. It covers all trainings conducted inside the company, by experienced staff, be it retraining of existing staff, training of new employees, on-the job training, or training of apprentices and interns. The trainers could be the current employees, trainers, workers or any other staff involved in training, teaching, or mentoring another staff. 

During the immersion or the In-Company Training of trainees inside the company, the In-Company trainer has the responsibility to provide guidance, proper implementation of the training plan and act as a person for the trainee to refer to in the development of his journey.

The In-Company Trainers Training provided by CCCI follows the ASEAN Standard that was developed from 6 ASEAN countries and tailored to the actual demands of the stakeholders and to the local regional context. It is envisaged that, in the future, the standard will be implemented and integrated in all ASEAN countries. The In-Company Trainers Training shall run to 6 days and has a corresponding training fee.