Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.




The Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (CCCI) is the largest and prominent local business membership organization in the Philippines. With over 900 member companies coming from various sectors such as Trade, Industry, Service, ICT, and Sectoral Business Associations, CCCI envisions itself as “The Engine of Cebu’s Business Growth towards Global Competitiveness”. In pursuit of this vision, the Chamber conceives plans and implements programs and services in line with its Mission “to strengthen the capabilities of the members through advocacy, linkages, and synergy for the competitiveness of Cebu and its people in the global economy”.

CCCI is encouraged by the recent national and international recognition of its pioneering efforts in education and training development and workforce-capacity building particularly when we established the Assessment, Certification and Accreditation Services (ACAS) within the Chamber. ACAS is industry-driven empowerment of our human resources, providing them with skills, competencies, and qualifications that will lead to gainful employment or self-employment on one hand, and to greater productivity and competitive businesses through the competent workforce, on the other hand.

CCCI participated in the K to 12Plus Project under a Philippine-German partnership program to address this mismatch under an education reform agenda that rolled out a couple of years ago. Under this program and with the assistance of the AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development Cooperation, the ACAS of CCCI evolved. This program will end in September 2019; however, CCCI will mainstream ACAS to support the industry requirements for a competent and skilled workforce.


The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (CCCI) recognizes that human capital is key to sustainable enterprise growth and development. It also underscores the belief that the key to workforce development should be a joint industry-academe partnership. Having established an Industry-led/ academe-supported Assessment, Certification and Accreditation Services (ACAS) in 2018, CCCI is confronted with several challenges in sustaining the ACAS ecosystem which primarily advocates the dualized approaches to training and education (DET).

The Assessment, Certification and Accreditation Services (ACAS) is an innovative way of providing relevant services to the members of the CCCI and beyond. The ACAS of the Chamber is a response to the challenges of many member companies facing job-skills mismatch including those having difficulty in getting workers who possess the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required of a certain job

With the vision of globally competitive business enterprises unfazed with issues of a competent workforce, CCCI seeks to create a sustainable service that catalyzes the development of a pool of skilled workers that match the requirements of industries to which the Chamber certifies and puts its seal.

Since the ACAS’ inception, the project has empowered over 200 beneficiaries- one half coming from the marginalized sector- to enter the workforce needed by Construction, Food Manufacturing, and Tourism industries in Cebu. Emboldened, CCCI plans to pursue the refinement and mainstreaming of the ACAS, and the expansion to other key stakeholders in the business community of Cebu.


ACAS: an industry-driven program towards developing a skilled and competent workforce to contribute to global competitiveness of businesses fueled by a competent workforce.


To ensure the engagement of Business Membership Organizations, companies, schools and other stakeholders in developing a competent workforce to respond to the needs of industries.


  1. CCCI is recognized as the premier industry certifying body for entry to mid-level workforce competency through ACAS
  2. Expanded industry-academe clusters in the identified areas;
  3. Engagement of Industry Associations especially those affiliated with the CCCI and their;
  4. member companies to actively participate in workforce development;
  5. ACAS portal as an effective platform for stakeholder engagement; and
  6. ACAS is a viable, scalable, replicable and sustainable service of the Chamber


ACAS Beneficiaries

1. Future Workforce from different economic strata of society

  • Graduates of Senior High School that have bundled competencies certified by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)
  • Bearers of the Basic Qualification Certificate that have undergone another one year of advanced training in pure Dual Education and Training.
  • Existing company workers especially of member companies and those who are members of a business membership organization duly recognized by CCCI.

Benefit: Individuals aforementioned above can be certified by the Chamber as long as deemed passed with the requirements provided by CCCI. Once passed, records of the certified individuals shall be uploaded on the ACAS Databank for Job Matching. Tracer studies will track their engagement with industries or self-employment.


2. Schools (Senior High Schools, Technical Vocational Institutions and Private/Public Schools)

Technical Vocational Institutions and Senior High Schools that offer Technical Vocational Livelihood Track (TVL) interested and with the capability to offer programs on competencies required by industries that can be bundled to a Job Profile and provide at least 800 immersion hours to its students

Benefit: The program shall give partner schools the opportunity to forge partnerships and linkages with various industries.


3.  Companies/ Enterprises and Business Membership Organizations (BMOs)

CCCI is open to offer ACAS to its member and non-member companies with interest and/or currently practices Dual Education and Training. A Dualized training company means that the company has at least one In-Company Trainer to monitor and facilitate trainees during immersion. CCCI proposes to focus on Construction, Manufacturing and Tourism services, which are key economic drivers and require a great number of manpower.

Benefit:  As a partner of this initiative, the company has a role in the Industry-Academe Cluster and has the opportunity to access the ACAS Databank, which provides job-matching features to both companies and certified graduates of Dual Training.